IPP Demosites

Virtual Site Visits

Virtual site visits allow schools to learn from   IPP demonstration sites. This is done by school teams requesting a visit. In the request, teams will provide more information on their needs and interests. UW Haring Center Inclusion specialists will take that information  and pair visitors with a demonstration site. Thus visits will be tailored to the visiting school’s inclusionary practices needs. Currently, our first cohort of IPP Demonstration Sites are offering virtual visits to meet with school teams to learn more about what structures they have in place to support inclusion (i.e. MTSS, Master Schedule, Family Engagement, Flexible Services, etc.) and to gather ideas for implementation back in their own schools.  These visits include some pre-plan advising from a Haring Center Inclusion Specialist, including completing an impact form. The impact form provides the IPP Demonstration Site with information ahead of time so they can provide a transformational learning experience. The impact form also allows visiting schools to record takeaway information and ideas for implementation in their own school contexts based on what they learned during the virtual visit.  The virtual visits will include storytelling, capturing experiences that strengthen their inclusionary practices, artifacts that can support implementation and professional learning, and opportunities to learn the structures, systems and relationships that build strong inclusive frameworks in Washington State schools. To request for a virtual visit with one of our IPP demonstration sites, please fill out our Virtual Visit Request Form.