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What is the Goal of the Project?

  • Over the course of the last three years, 16 inclusionary practices model demonstration sites across all 9 Education Service Regions across Washington State have been providing professional development to visiting schools.

  • As we encounter year 4 of our project, we are continuing to partner with demo sites to highlight their exemplary practices in inclusive education and work with them as they work on their continuous improvement plans. As part of the movement to improve inclusive education across WA State, we are partnering with our demonstration sites districts to scale based on what we have learned and build capacity district wide. Our goals moving forward align with the priorities of the larger statewide inclusionary practices professional development project goals:

    • Centering racial equity and intersectionality with disability,

    • Engaging families as decision makers and co-designers

    • Including student voice and opportunities for self-advocacy.

Additionally, we are making more deliberate plans with school/districts to prioritize the inclusion of students with significant disabilities to truly realize our goal of including each and every student.

How can I learn more? If you are an educator in WA State, you can visit one of our demonstration sites, in person, or via zoom. Our demo site visit request page will help us match you to a WA state school with exemplary inclusive practices. 

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What is an Inclusionary Practice?

Who is Involved in the Demonstration Site Project?

The statewide inclusionary practices project takes a multi-pronged approach:

Introduction to the K-12 Demonstration Site Project

Introduction to the Preschool Demonstration Site Project

Demonstration Site Updates

What’s New? Inclusion in Action: Kodiak Cubs