IPP Demosites


Evergreen High School

Innovating and Implementing Inclusionary Practices in an age of Distance Learning

Fall 2020: Webinar Recording

Why Inclusion Matters

Spring 2020: Webinar Recording

Family Engagement Collaborative Webinar

Winter 2021: Webinar Recording

Dr. Sharon Knight Series

Critical Conversations. Disability and the Isms: Building a Coalition to Address Intersectionality and Inequities  Among Persons with Disabilities

  1. Session One


Race Equity and Least Restrictive Environments

  1. Week One

Washington State Inclusive Practices in Preschool Demonstration Sites

2021 DEC Presentation

Help Desks

2022 CEC Demonstration Site Presentation: Impact of Inclusive Model Demonstration Sites

2023 CEC Virtual Conference Presentation: Inclusive Master Scheduling

TASH 2021: Seeing Inclusionary Practices in Action: The Impact of Demonstration Sites

2023 IECC: No More Compliance for Compliance Sake