IPP Demosites

Planning Your Visit

We are looking forward to hosting your team at one of the Demonstration Sites. 

Please read the following to prepare for your visit.   

Once our visit is scheduled, your team’s point of contact will share all visitor’s email contacts. Everyone will receive a calendar invitation with visit details.  

Prior to Your Visit 

1. Pre-Visit Planning Form 

Each visitor is required to complete a short pre-visit planning form. This information helps us best plan for your visit. 

We strongly encourage visitors to check out the demonstration sites webpages, artifacts and webinars prior to your visit. 

During Your Visit 

2. Observation Impact Document A copy of this document will be provided on the visit.  This document is for your own notes during the visit. This section will guide you through the visit and intentionally think about inclusionary supports. The notes highlight inclusionary practices framed around (a) participation and engagement, (b) teacher actions, (c) instructional methods and (d) materials, systems, culture, and leadership practices. 

At the End of Your Visit 

3. Post Visit Feedback Form 

Each visitor will complete a post-visit feedback form at the end of the visit.  

Thank you for visiting a demonstration site as you continue on your own journey toward inclusive schools, districts, and communities.