IPP Demosites


IPP Project

In the Fall of 2019, OSPI launched the inclusionary practices professional development project. The Haring Center for Inclusive Education at the University of Washington partnered with OSPI to coordinate and lead this part of the larger statewide project –creating model demonstration sites that highlight inclusionary practices across Washington State. The model demonstration sites engage in and provide transformational professional development by using storytelling and best practices in model demonstration site replication and dissemination to allow for  the greatest impact while visiting schools leave with evidence-based practices and resources to aid in building inclusive communities in their own schools. The goal of the IPP UW Demonstration Sites Project is to create learning communities as sites for research, professional development, teacher preparation, and model demonstration sites replication for best practices in inclusive education. These schools serve as statewide exemplars, showcasing the benefits of inclusionary practices on student outcomes.

To see more of what we have been working on, you can visit our Resources tab, or view one of the demonstration site introductory or deep dive webinars.