IPP Demosites

December 12, 2022

Demosites host Washington State Leadership from OSPI and the Legislature

Demonstration site visits are a transformational learning process and a chance for visiting schools to engage with the educators at the sites. This year the Demonstration Sites have opened their doors more than ever and had the opportunity to host many schools across the state, international educational leaders, as well as Washington State leadership from OSPI and the legislature. Edwin Pratt Early Learning with the support of their superintendent hosted 9 leaders from OPSI, 5 representatives from WA State legislature, an Educational Service District representative from PSESD, and the shoreline school board. At this visit inspiration sparked and more interest to see other sites followed. Hood Canal Preschool has the opportunity to host OSPI leadership in December. 

In this professional development the Demonstration sites have the opportunity to share their journey. Concepts discussed are barriers perceived and real they have overcome or are working to address, the asset based approach used throughout their journey, inclusionary practices they are leveraging to promote inclusion in their community, as well as next steps. 

There are more opportunities to see these and other demonstration sites in action this winter and spring. Click here to schedule a visit. All are welcome!