IPP Demosites


To share the IPP demonstration sites inclusion journey, each demonstration site has provided or is providing a webinar that gives an overarching, 300-foot view of their journey thus far. This overview includes where they started, key decisions they made along the way, strategies for engaging stakeholders in the process, evidence of the inclusionary practices they have implemented, key takeaways, and highlights from their continuous path of improvement.  Once the overarching journey webinar is complete, the UW Haring Center Team and the IPP demonstration sites, take the evaluative feedback we receive from participants (or “visitors”) and develop a deep dive webinar that explores one inclusionary practice our visitors want to learn more about.  All of our webinars are flexible, responsive and use feedback from visitors, community groups, and IPP demonstration sites. This feedback allows us to provide the most transformational learning experience, on the most pertinent topics to support a shift to more inclusive schools across Washington State.  All our webinars have been recorded and are aligned with artifacts that schools can use to support their own inclusion journey. 

Introduction to Demonstration Site Webinar Recordings and Artifacts

Deep Dive Inclusionary Practices Webinar Recordings and Artifacts

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