IPP Demosites

For Visitors

Preparing for a Site Visit

To prepare to visit one of the IPP Demonstration Sites, please fill out this form to provide  some background of your school, the inclusionary practices that are a priority for your school and what you are hoping to “see” or learn as part of your visit. This will help us deliver a tailored professional development that meets your school’s needs, taking an asset based approach. After you have requested a visit, a Haring Center Inclusion Specialist will match you with a school (if a specific school is not selected) and will work with you to schedule a visit and complete the pre-visit section of the impact form. This impact form will help your school team engage in a transformational professional learning experience that provides the maximum impact on student learning and implementation of inclusive practices at your school.

Hosting a visit

Demonstration Sites will receive completed impact forms prior to hosting visitors. 

2023 Update

As of February, 2023, most of our demonstration sites are fully booked for visits for the remainder of the school year. Early Childhood sites, Chase MS and Hood Canal School School have availability.  If you request a school that is full, we will add you to their waitlist. Waitlist means that if anyone cancels, we can offer that visit date to who is next on the waitlist.  Also, if we cannot schedule you for a site visit, one of our inclusion specialist will reach out and offer to connect as we support your own inclusive journey. Thank you so much for your interested in our amazing schools!