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The IPP demonstration sites project aims to have great impact on inclusive practices across WA state. To do this, our goals for the demonstration sites project are both simple and complex. We want to make sure that when school personnel or teams visit demonstration sites, or hear about their journeys, that it  provides a transformational learning experience. To do this, our IPP Demo sites are studying and implementing best practices in model demonstration site replication to ensure that our visitors have an experience where they are inspired and leave with ideas for implementation in their schools. We also have a goal to create peer learning communities between demonstration sites that build professional networks in our state. Through this project, we are not only impacting visiting schools but are working with demonstration sites to continue to evolve and change as they learn more about their students and best practices–or as their school culture grows and changes. Because one of our founding principles is that inclusion is a cultural shift in philosophy and practices, demonstration sites show that when we put best practices in place for students with disabilities and consider how we can implement these practices in general education contexts and in content, it improves outcomes for all students in our schools. Please visit our By the Numbers page to view the early impact and reach already accomplished by WA State IPP Demonstration Sites.