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Robert Lince Early Learning Center

At Robert Lince Early Learning Center (ELC) we have provided inclusive classroom settings for all students for several years through a braided funding approach and offers bilingual programming on a campus that supports Preschool and Kindergarten. We utilize PM & MTSS protocols with data review to assign and monitor interventions, provide differentiated instruction for students, and are developing a better understanding of UDL. Across all areas of focus, we aim to provide meaningful, inclusive learning environments for students of all abilities.   

School District: Selah

ESD: 105

Location: Selah

Accepting visits for 2023/2024

Inclusionary Practices Highlights at Robert Lince Early Learning Center:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • MTSS: Multitiered Systems of Support
  • PLCs that Include Inclusive Viewpoints
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Braided Funding


Robert Lince Introductory Webinar

Robert Lince Deep Dive Webinar

Winter 2021: “MTSS & Visible Learning”

Webinar Recording

Robert Lince Early Learning Open House Video