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June 14, 2023

2023-24 UW EduDesign Fellowships

Are you craving TEACHER COMMUNITY to inspire and sustain you next year? Are you wishing for a community that deeply values your experiences and meaningfully supports you to continue learning? 

We are excited to invite you and your colleagues to apply for one of our three EduDesign Fellowship teacher-led professional learning cohorts, beginning with a 2-day summer institute in August, followed by four Saturday sessions throughout the year. EduDesign is a space to build supportive connections, explore complex questions, and develop as educators.  

Learn More: EduDesign webpage | Downloadable Information Page  

Join Now: Interest Form 

Priority deadline: June 16 | Rolling applications accepted till July 16 

Each cohort is a unique community. Learn more about the 3 cohorts starting this summer:

  • Inclusion Happens in General Education Classrooms, But Where Do We Begin? 
  • Summer Institute: Aug 7 & 8 (9AM-1PM) IN PERSON 
  • Saturday Sessions: Oct 28 | Jan 27 | March 9 (IN PERSON) | May 18 (9AM-12PM) ONLINE 

Centering Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC) Teachers in Education 

  • Summer Institute: Aug 9 & 10 (9AM-1PM)  IN PERSON 
  • Saturday Sessions: Oct 7 | Dec 2 | Feb 3 (9AM-12PM) ONLINE 
  • Final Saturday Session: May 4  (9AM-12PM) IN PERSON 

Building K-12 Educators’ Agency Toward Justice and Wellbeing 

Summer Institute: Aug 17 & 18 (9AM-1PM) IN PERSON 

Saturday Sessions: Oct 21 | Jan 20 | March 23 (HYBRID OPTION) | June 1 (9AM-12PM) ONLINE 

Clock hours are available and there are currently no costs associated with this opportunity. UW alumni, their colleagues and other teachers in the region are welcome. Contact Deborah Massachi (massachi@uw.edu) or Gwen Sweeney (gwens@uw.edu) with questions.