IPP Demosites

November 1, 2023

RRIE (Restraint Reduction and Isolation elimination) Demo Sites Application 

In collaboration with the Haring Center for Inclusive Education at the University of Washington, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), is partnering with school districts across the state to create demonstration sites highlighting best practices in reducing the use of restraint and eliminating the use of isolation. These schools will participate in transformational professional development, and in turn provide learning experiences that inspires continuous improvement, with the goal of creating learning communities to be used as sites for research, professional development, and model demonstration sites for best practices in positive behavior support. These schools will serve as exemplars that show the benefits of reducing restraint and eliminating isolation on student outcomes. Districts/programs who apply are committed to:  

  • Collaborate with OSPI and partners to implement practices and schoolwide support systems with the goal of eliminating isolation and reducing restraint use. The schoolwide systems must include trauma-informed positive behavior and intervention supports, de-escalation, and problem-solving skills. 
  • Continuously partner with OSPI and external partners to highlight the systems and processes that have contributed to the elimination of student isolation and reduction of restraint use in the school/district. 
  • Engage in professional learning activities to support the building of school-level and district-level systems that eliminate student isolation, track and reduce restraint use, and build schoolwide systems to support students in distress and prevent crisis escalation cycles that may result in restraint or isolation. 
  • Provide student level data, program information, project feedback and reflections to OSPI as needed.  

Apply here.