IPP Demosites

Monroe High School

The Monroe High School community has been steadfast in our efforts to put forth into practice our Vision … to become a Safe, Inclusive, and Purposeful school where ALL students feel Challenged, Supported, and that they Belong.  We view inclusive schools as a moral imperative, not an initiative, because ALL students have the right to the highest levels of learning and support that we provide.  We began our journey by agreeing that our Mission is High School PLUS for ALL students … ALL students will graduate and be prepared to access whatever pathway they want after high school.  Their diploma means more than just time served in school.  It means they are ready and have acquired the essential skills to take their next steps.  Our inclusive journey is just that … a journey that we are on to reflect in our results, share our learning, improve our collaboration, and continuously learn and grow so that we can better serve our students.   

School District: Monroe School District

Location: Monroe

ESD: 189

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:

  • Co-teaching
  • Co-planning
  • Collaboration
  • Professional learning communities
  • Inclusive master schedule