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Evergreen High School

At Evergreen High School, we have essentially two different strategies we have used to improve inclusion in our school. The first is creating a master schedule that allows for something we call a Gateway to College Block. That block classes consists of 4 teachers (2 content, 1 academic support, 1 special education) and 60 students over 2 periods per block. We have about two thirds of our freshmen in these block classes, and it is the normal track for all 9th graders. In addition to our block model, we have also implemented a co-teaching model which includes collaboration and co-planning times.

School District: Evergreen

Location: Vancouver, WA

ESD: #112

Emeritus status: not accepting visitors for 2023/24.

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices: 

  • Coteaching and coplanning
  • Master scheduling to support inclusion
  • Flexible service delivery model
  • Student advocacy and voice
  • Students engaged in core content


Evergreen Introductory Webinar

Evergreen Deep Dive Webinar

June 2020 :Coplanning: An essential practice for inclusive schools.

Webinar Recording.

PowerPoint Presentation