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November 1, 2023

Monroe High School Model of Inclusion 

Understanding that ALL students learn best when they are challenged, provided with support, and feel that they belong in their school, Monroe High School has spent years working toward phasing out the “pull-out” model where students who need support, including multilingual learners, are pulled out of general education classrooms for support and separated from their peers.  

To expand access for all students, MHS has developed — with plenty of trial and error — a way to maximize the teaching staff, be creative with scheduling and assign two teachers to many classrooms, a practice known as co-teaching. In an Algebra class, for example, there’s a subject matter expert — the math teacher — and then a second teacher who focuses on providing support. This means targeted services, support and accommodations are provided to students who need them within general education classrooms with their peers. 

This hasn’t come easy. This shift has required a tremendous amount of work by staff – learning new ways to teach classrooms full of very diverse learners, how to provide accommodations within the classroom, and how to co-plan and co-teach with special education teachers. 

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