IPP Demosites

September 6, 2023

Welcome, Monroe High School!

We are honored to welcome Monroe High School to the IPP Demonstration Sites Project as a model demonstration site. Monroe High School has been in collaboration with UW over the past two years.  With visionary leadership from Principal Brett Wille, Assistant Principal Noah Wallace and educators Matt Chalfont and Mindy Haas, the MHS community has been steadfast in their efforts to put forth into practice their vision for an inclusive school for all.

Monroe HS highlights the inclusionary practices of co-teaching, co-planning, collaboration, professional learning communities and inclusive master schedule. MHS hosted a visit last spring and is open for visits in the 23-24 school year.

Monroe High School and Monroe School District serve as a prime example of scaling to build district capacity. At the district level, David Paratore and Joy Castillo have shown the importance of district leadership to foster sustainable processes and systems. Monroe school district is home to Hidden River Middle School, which was one of the first IPP demonstration sites in 2019.