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Kokanee Elementary School

Kokanee Elementary School is a large elementary school with a deeply committed, inclusive staff supporting a range of diverse learners. Our school staff has implemented a MTSS/PBIS program with a high level of fidelity and has regularly served as a support or site visit location for other schools working on the implementation process of PBIS.  Kokanee is known for the highly engaged, inclusive staff supporting all students with IEPs in a flexible model of service delivery.

School District: Northshore

ESD: #121

Location: Woodinville

Emeritus status: not accepting visitors for 2023/24.

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:  

  • PBIS 
  • Flexible service delivery 
  • Collaboration


Kokanee Introductory Webinar

Fall 2020: Webinar Recording

Webinar PowerPoint

Kokanee Deep Dive Webinar

Winter 2021: MTSS and PBIS