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Meadow Ridge Elementary School

Schoolwide PBIS was the first major step in our change process at Meadow Ridge to create a more inclusive school. During the first year a representative PBIS team was established for the purpose of learning about effective PBIS practices. The team then designed a comprehensive program, with a clear rollout plan for the school. Once the Tier I PBIS system was in place, the team began researching and learning about Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports.

School District: Mead

ESD: #101

Location: Mead

Emeritus status: not accepting visitors for 2023/24.

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:  

  • Master Scheduling to support inclusion 
  • Multi tiered systems of support 
  • PBIS 
  • Leadership development


Meadow Ridge Introductory Webinar

 Spring 2020:

Webinar Recording   

Meadow Ridge Deep Dive Webinar

June 2020: PBIS Systems: How to design and implement effective practices to reduce discipline referrals and improve student behaviors.

 Webinar PowerPoint Presentation