IPP Demosites

Brinnon K-8 Elementary School

At Brinnon K-8 all students are engaged in the general education classrooms for core content instruction. We strongly believe that all students learn more effectively in the classroom and that when we embed the necessary supports, all students benefit. Our focus on differentiated classroom supports and small classroom sizes allows teachers to work closely with all students to understand their strengths and needs. As a small school rural school district, our Brinnon community is essential to supporting all students and families.

School District: Brinnon

ESD: #114

Location: Brinnon

Emeritus status: not accepting visitors for 2023/24.

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:  

  • Flexible services
  • Students engaged in core content
  • Family/community engagement
  • Strengths based planning


Brinnon Introductory Webinar

Winter 2021:

Brinnon Deep Dive Webinar

Spring 2021: Family and Community Engagement