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Clovis Point Elementary School

Clovis Point Elementary has been on a journey.  In the past few years, we transitioned from an intermediate (5th-7th) to an elementary school. As an intermediate school, we highlighted the practices of co-teaching, assistive technology and modified grading rubrics.   As an elementary school, we kept the same inclusionary belief systems and defined what this means as an elementary school   Creating an inclusive mission was our first priority.  From there, we prioritized our master schedule. We created an inclusive master schedule to support flexible service delivery. Our professional development has centered on a culture of belonging, strengthening practices of instructional strategies, use of assistive technology and of providing modifications and accommodations for all learners. Our next steps include co-planning as we continue to build upon our strong foundations. 

School District: Eastmont

ESD: #171

Location: East Wenatchee

Accepting visits for 2023/2024

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:

  • Coteaching and coplanning
  • Assistive technology
  • Modified grading rubrics
  • Collaboration


Clovis Point Deep Dive Webinar

Winter 2021: Modified Grading