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Mark Twain Elementary

Our current model has evolved from a traditional service delivery model towards one that centers around our belief that all students receive grade level core content instruction in the general education setting. This commitment is supported by our inclusive building schedule that plans for flexible service delivery and collaboration between all staff to ensure meaningful access and an emphasis on strong Tier 1 for all. In addition to accessing core, the inclusive building schedule allows for further instruction to occur during “power groups.” Power groups are data-driven blocks of intervention, reteaching and/or extension that impact all students within our building.

School District: Lake Washington

ESD: #121

Accepting visits for 2023/2024

Highlighting the following inclusionary practices:

  • Master scheduling to support inclusion 
  • Students engaged in core content 
  • Flexible service delivery


Mark Twain Introductory Webinar

Mark Twain Deep Dive Webinar

Winter 2021: Master Scheduling and Flexible Service Delivery

Mark Twain Artifacts

Master Schedules

  1. Twain Master Schedule 20-21
  2. Twain Master Schedule- K-1 Daily Schedule
  3. Twain Master Schedule- 19-20 Week at a Glance

Systems and Structures to Support Inclusive Practices

  1. Twain Opinion Writing Sentence Stems
  2. Twain Writing- Opinion Essay Graphic Organizer
  3. Twain Narrative Essay Planning Sheet
  4. Twain Essay Checklist
  5. Twain Planning- Weekly Team Planning Template
  6. Twain Planning- lesson plan template for power groups
  7. Twain Math- Visual and Vocabulary Supports for Word Problems
  8. Twain Behavior Support- example sticker chart
  9. Twain Behavior Support- example daily checklist
  10. Mark Twain 2nd Grade Planning Doc
  11. Mark Twain Tier 3 Reading Assessment
  12. Mark Twain Tier 2 Reading Assessment
  13. Mark Twain Tier 1 Reading Assessment
  14. Mark Twain Reading Power Groups Vocab Screener
  15. Mark Twain Reading Power Groups Phonics Screener
  16. Mark Twain IM Unit 1 Pt 2 Modified Test
  17. Mark Twain Chapple Winter Observation 23-2
  18. Mark Twain Chapple Fall Observation 22-2
  19. Mark Twain 3rd Grade Narrative Writing
  20. Mark Twain 3rd Grade Measuring Mass and Liquid Volume Learning Progression
  21. Mark Twain behavior_expectations
  22. Mark Twain check ins
  23. Mark Twain program philosophy and systems approach
  24. Mark Twain Trauma_Informed_PBIS_in_Classroom_SACM_Sound_Supports_2020
  25. Mark Twain 2020_Updated_Classroom_Structure_Checklist_packet
  26. Mark Twain 2021 Updated PEER-EBD Team Form
  27. Mark Twain Inclusion is Not a Placement
  28. Twain UDL Flow Chart_Novak
  29. Twain Supports for Student Success
  30. Twain Grade 3 Modified Assessment Example
  31. Twain Education Day at a Glance 2


Mark Twain Elementary School Open House Video